BE200 – Marketing Management

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BE200 – Marketing Management

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BE200 – Marketing Management
Tutor Marked Assessment
Spring 2017

Case Study: How Fujitsu Services Uses Segmentation to Prioritize Sales Opportunities

Question 1: (20 Marks)
a. What is the mistake Fujitsu was doing before 2007 and what strategy did the company adopt to treat it? (10 Marks)
b. As Fujitsu marketing manager, give some recommendations about the way the company should develop its marketing campaign based on the elements of the marketing mix. (10 Marks)

Word count: 350 words
Question 2: (40 Marks)
a. Explain the three main marketing strategies applied by companies in order to gain competitive advantage in the current dynamic environment. (15 Marks)
b. How did Fujitsu apply segmentation among the marketing strategies explained in part (a) of question 2? (10 Marks)
c. Explain the Five steps used by Fujitsu to identify attractive companies within each industry. (15 Marks)
Word count: 350 words.
Question 3: (20 Marks)
Name and describe the elements of the company’s microenvironment factors illustrating the importance of each one. (20 Marks)
Word count: 300 words

Question 4: (20 Marks)
How did you decide on the college or university you are currently attending? Based on BE200 material and on your own experience describe the factors that influenced your decision and the decision-making process you followed.
Word count: 200 words

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